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Admission Overview

Thank you for your interest in Holy Trinity School.  

Holy Trinity School is committed to fostering the Catholic way of life and to providing quality education for children in partnership with their parents/guardians.  All denominations are welcome.

We strive to maintain a positive, creative learning environment wherein the intellectual, moral, spiritual, emotional, social and physical development of each child is nurtured.  Thus, the individual differences of each child and his/her home background are taken into consideration as students develop self-discipline, personal responsibility, and standards of behavior that show respect for others.  

At Holy Trinity School we are committed to caring leadership, competent teaching, and cooperative endeavors with students, parents/guardians, and parishes.  It is in working together that we share in the privilege of forming children into disciples of Jesus Christ.



Upon acceptance to Holy Trinity School, there is a registration fee of $100 per child if submitted before July 1.  After July 1 it is $125 per child.   After we have received your registration application you will be contacted for a meeting with the principal to go over the FACTS, tuition and to fill out a records release for the school your child(ren) are transferring from at which time you will need to bring the required forms listed below.

Our tuition and fees are based on income, not to exceed the caps set by the diocese.  We have a link for a "tuition calculator," on the same page as the FACTS link on our web

*The tuition scale as set by the diocese for the ACUE schools for the 2015-2016 school year.  The 2016-2017 scale has not been set yet.  It is subject to a 0% - 4% change.



of Children

In Parish

Tuition and Fees


Tuition and Fees







3 or more




REQUIRED documents for new students after acceptance:

  • ____*The students’ original Birth Certificate.
  • ____*The students’ Social Security Card.
  • ____*The students’ baptismal record. (If applicable)
  • ____ A VALID original Kentucky Immunization Certificate.
  • ____ A medical Examination Form. (For Kindergartners)
  • ____ A Kentucky Eye Examination Form. (For Kindergartners)
  • ____ A medical Examination Form. (For 6th grade)
  • ____ A records release form if entering grades 1-8.  (See the website)

  *These will be copied and given back to you



The following admission policy must be met in order to qualify for re-enrollment:

  1. Tuition must be current at the time of registration.  If tuition is not current, arrangements must be made with the principal or the family’s application will not be accepted.
  2. The deadline for re-registration is February 28.  After February 28th a registration fee of $25 will be charged per student.  
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